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Customer Service Representative / Representant(e) Service a la clientele

Main locations: 

Beijing, CN

Job Type:  Full-time
Workplace type:  On site
Offer number:  4514

EXFO develops smarter test, monitoring and analytics solutions for the global communications industry. We are trusted advisers to fixed and mobile network operators, hyper-scalers and leaders in the manufacturing, development and research sector. They count on us to deliver superior visibility and insights into network performance, service reliability and user experience. Building on over 35 years of innovation, EXFO’s unique blend of equipment, software and services enable faster, more confident transformations related to 5G, cloud-native and fiber optic networks.

Since our beginnings in 1985, diversity has been one of EXFO's core values, fostering an inclusive corporate culture. We welcome people with a wide range of skills and experience into a culture that values innovative ideas, teamwork, and a customer- and market-focused approach. We seek the active contribution of everyone, with respect for the individual, the environment and the community. This is how we fulfill our purpose: to ensure the connected world meets the highest expectations, to bring together people, communities and businesses.

Roles & Responsibilities


As part of our Customer Service group, the primary task of the Customer Service Representative (Beijing) is to ensure a liaison between the internal/external customers and the APAC/Chinese-market, also be required to work in close collaboration with the sales force, participate in maintaining excellent customer service.


More specifically, your duties will consist of the following tasks:


  • Processing customer orders in our SAP system
  • 在公司的 SAP 系统中处理客户订单
  • Ensuring appropriate follow-up and updates of these orders with customers
  • 确保订单得到适当的跟进,并及时向客户提供有关订单的更新情况
  • Coordinating activities and internal follow-up with other department involved in the order processing, i.e. Sales, Planning, Credit or Logistics based in Canada and/or in other countries.
  • 协调活动,并对参与订单处理的其他部门(即,公司设在加拿大和/或其他国家/地区的销售部门、计划部门、信用管理部门或物流部门)的工作进行内部跟进
  • Responding to customer enquiries and requests rapidly and in a professional manner
  • 以专业的态度迅速处理客户的询价和请求
  • Managing customer complaints
  • 管理客户投诉
  • Participating in the continuous improvement of our customer service quality
  • 参与持续改善客户服务质量

You will also be required to perform any other task related to this position.


Perform other duties as the Company may authorize or assign from time to time.




  • Extremely customer-oriented
  • 具有极高的“以客户为中心”意识
  • Action- and results-driven
  • 勤勉实干,注重结果
  • Good analytical skills and judgment
  • 具有良好的分析能力和判断能力
  • Highly responsible and courteous
  • 有高度的责任感,谦恭有礼
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • 具有出色的组织协调能力
  • Self-sufficient and ability to multitask
  • 自立自强,能够胜任多项工作

Technical competencies


  • Technical background in Optics, Telecom or Electronics
  • 有光学、电信或电子领域的技术背景
  • Knowledge of customer service in a fast-paced environment
  • 在瞬息万变的环境下了解客户服务
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • 精通 Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of SAP and other similar tools (asset)
  • 熟悉 SAP 及其他类似的工具更佳
  • Good written and spoken English and Mandarin
  • 具有良好的中英文书面及口头表达能力

Other competencies


  • Education: University degree in an appropriate field (Business Administration, International Commerce, etc...)
  • 学历要求:相关专业(工商管理、国际商务等)本科学历
  • Work experience: At least two years' experience in a customer service position in an industrial and worldwide environment.
  • 工作经验:至少两年本行业全球性客户服务相关工作经验。
  • Languages: Bilingual Mandarin/English essential.
  • 语言能力要求:通晓中英文


EXFO is an equal opportunity employer

Diversity is an asset that has made EXFO strong since its inception because it enriches us. For more information about diversity and inclusion at EXFO, read our DEI Statement.

For positions located in Quebec, the language requirement is French. However, in the context where the incumbent evolves in an international work environment and where the activities take place mainly outside Quebec, we favor bilingualism as a linguistic requirement.

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